Future through education
Equal opportunities through good school education
Future through education
Vocational training for a better life
Future through education
Knowledge for a good future
Future through education
livelihoods for a self-determined life
Future through education
Environmentally friendly and natural agriculture for a healthy basis of life
Future through education
Play instead of child labor
Future through education
Learning for a good life
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The Schöck- Familien-Stiftung

"Future through education"

Under this motto, the Schöck family currently supports initiatives in the field of sustainable development cooperation, primarily in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Ethiopia.
With a view to helping socially disadvantaged people, the foundation also supports development projects in the area around the company’s headquarters in Baden-Baden.
It primarily aims to support other charitable organisations in successfully setting up and implementing their projects.
It is important to the family to give disadvantaged people the chance to lead a self-determined life through personalised support, good education and training.

Our funding priorities


Vocational training​

Organic Farming ​

Create livelihoods

Social support projects

Depending on the regional conditions and the social environment, the Schöck-Familein-Stiftung is, among other things, about learning basic knowledge, promoting personal development, training for employment, basic knowledge about your own rights, opportunities and tasks in society, strengthening self-esteem and nature – and environmental protection.

Funded projects




Latest videos

Project Sundarbans – West Bengal

The Sundarbans project arose from the need to support the extremely poor people of the islands with a community run educational facility. Learning content will be imparted that will enable the people there to recognize opportunities in their immediate surroundings, to use them sustainably and to find livelihood solutions in a region that is seriously threatened and already affected by the effects of climate change. Many thanks to all employees of Schöck AG! Your daily work makes it possible for us to get involved in this way!

Overview of project funding