Lebensgemeinschaft Zuhausen – Inclusive agricultural social project

The impulse for this inclusive agricultural social project is the lack of inclusive housing for adults with disabilities who need intensive and individual support and assistance. This is particularly true for individuals with severe cognitive impairment. The goal is for these people to also have the choice to participate equally in a living community of people with and without disabilities and with varying levels of support needs.

This family-like living together in a farm community creates long-term relationship opportunities, real chances for informal social contact, independence, security and trust. The farm community sees itself as a diverse and adaptable social space that is co-created by each individual. Older and younger people with and without disabilities and with different support needs have their center of life in one place, under one roof.

In agriculture, horticulture and in the further processing of their own products, the farm residents are active together and thus also contribute to their supply with sustainably produced food. They experience the meaningful connection between the activities involved and can contribute and expand their skills as well as gain new ones. The decisive criterion for the design of all activities on the farm is the extensive and self-determined participation of the farm residents with disabilities. The close contact with the various animals on the farm and the supply of their own food should be a vivid and enjoyable activity especially for people with disabilities.


Project executing organization:       Lebensgemeinschaft Zuhausen gGmbH

Funding year:                                    since 2022

Project no.:                                        176-22 ro




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