Rural areas of India and Sri Lanka

Promotion of initiatives for


  • Vocational training 


  • Creation of a sustainable livelihood


Projects will only be funded if they are clearly based on initiatives of the local project partners/beneficiaries. 

Applicants can be corporate bodies (e.g. associations, foundations or gGmbHs) based in Germany and recognized as non-profit by the tax office, as well as municipalities and educational institutions.

The projects supported by the Schöck Family Foundation are committed to the public benefit.

The funding period is up to 2 years. Follow-up funding and longer-term partnerships are possible in principle.

The maximum funding amount is €25,000 for the entire funding period.

For further details please refer to the
Funding guidelines

Please send us an informative project outline as well as cost and financing plan (informal) by e-mail by 21.10.2022:


Applications received after 10/21/2022 will not be considered.

After the application deadline, we will let you know if the project is shortlisted.

In the positive case, we will then send you our application documents and coordinate the further procedure with you.

Information and advice:

Schöck Familien Stiftung / Project Management

Telephone inquiries Monday to Friday, 8.00 – 11.00 a.m.

Tel.: +49 (0)2858 8190730 – 0176 31006774

E-mail inquiries to: ausschreibung@schoeck-familien-stiftung.de