“UNSEEN” – Awareness Video

Emotional neglect is a child welfare risk. Many social and psychological problems of children and adolescents -even in later adulthood- can be traced back to emotional neglect in childhood. The short film supported by the Schöck-Familien-Stiftung is intended to raise awareness that emotional neglect in childhood involves more serious problems than it first appears and should be taken just as seriously as any other type of child welfare risk.

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H309KoA66OU&t=1s

10-year-old Thilo explains to the viewers how he sees things in his everyday life. At the same time, the child looks like a proud realtor and tells how well he manages everything. The image of the independent child is crumbling piece by piece. When a deep-rooted stroke of fate occurs for a child, the viewers realize what lies behind it. Thilo is lonely, has to bear too much responsibility and thus slips into a pseudo-adulthood. When his hamster dies, his relationship with his parents becomes clear: Thilo is indeed alone with everything in his life.

Director and initiator Anja Giele: “We filmmakers* want to raise awareness for the emotional neglect of children. We want to contribute to the fact that children are seen and that the responsibility for this does not lie with them, but with the adults, the so-called “guardians”. We want to make those who suffer in silence and who are overlooked feel that they are not alone.”

The project of the German Child Protection Foundation Hänsel+Gretel in cooperation with the Film Akademie Baden-Württemberg refers to the parents’ telephone number of the “Nummer gegen Kummer” and is intended to encourage adults to seek help, advice and support there or elsewhere.

Core Team:
Production:                Film Akademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH
Producers:                Julius Wieler, Anja Giele, Clemens Szczesny
Role Thilo:                 Elijas Amerein
Concept/Direction:     Anja Giele
Screenplay:                Anja Giele and Christina Sabrowsky
Image design:            Jan Fabi
Production design:     Deborah Nowraty
Editor:                         Eric Baudler
Film score:                  Kilian Oser

Funding year:           2023

Project no.:               192-23 si

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