AgriKultur Festival 2023, Freiburg

Supported by the City of Freiburg, the Schöck-Familien-Stiftung, Baden Württemberg and HoF (a project of the Freiburg Food Council), agriculture and nutrition were placed in their cultural context!

On 3 days there was access to information and experiences, initiatives and projects, good regional food and drink, capacities to do-it-yourself, art and culture and a lot of good mood.

The festival was opened on Friday afternoon, July 21, by the meeting of Freiburg’s urban gardeners and workshops, lectures and films on the regenerative cultivation of food, from seed-resistant seeds, permaculture and solidarity agriculture. With scything workshops, farmer lectures, poetry slam on
Nutritional topics and wine tasting, one could dive deep into the world of AgriCulture.

In addition, there was a wide range of almost 50 initiatives and farms that presented themselves at the market. In addition, there were fully attended workshops on technical and entrepreneurial entry into agriculture and on incubator models for career changers.


Photo Credits: Marc Doradzillo

The needs of farmers were addressed with special workshops such as “biodiversity and dairy production”, “agroforestry” and “social farming”.

The many positive responses from visitors and the press, the good atmosphere and the new ideas and contacts that were created give the largely volunteer organizers of AgriKultur e.V. the feeling that the hard work has paid off:

“Agriculture and nutrition are too important to ignore: Addressing these issues not only provides valuable knowledge to better health of oneself, the local economy and the planet but potentially better quality of life.”

Project executing agency:     Agrikultur e.V.

Funding year:                          2023

Project no.:                              195-23 si

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