Vocational Training Center for Handicrafts, Kasambya, Uganda

Since 2007, with the help of the project “Hand in Hand for a better life”, the inhabitants of Kasambya have freed themselves from their poverty and subsistence and are now able to live on income from agricultural cooperation and also pay school fees for their children.

The private primary school for 500 students completed by “Hand in Hand for a better life” in 2021 will provide the region with approximately 50 qualified school leavers each year. In Kasambya, however, there are few jobs outside of agriculture. School leavers who do not want to work in agriculture are migrating to the larger cities. The aim is to retain school leavers in commercial enterprises in Kasambya and the directly surrounding villages in the region.

To this end, it is planned to build a vocational training center in Kasambya, where up to 70 young people will be able to train as bicycle/motorcycle mechanics, tailors, carpenters, bricklayers/carpenters, and in organic agriculture and horticulture as well as nutrition and catering.

At the same time, the settlement of commercial enterprises is also to be supported.

Project executing agency:     Hand in Hand for a better life – Father Charles Convention e.V.

Project partner:                      Father Charles Convention Uganda

Funding year:                         2022 – 2023

Project no.:                             170-22 A

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