Rural Women’s Livelihood Empowerment in Pune District, Maharashtra, India

India has the lowest percentage of skilled labor among rural women because they depend only on agriculture. Indian rural women contribute greatly in household chores, agricultural work, child rearing, and overall family development, and yet they are not recognized only because they are not directly involved in income-generating activities. Women are not empowered to make decisions in most cases because they do not earn a living and are not financially independent.

In the industrialised region around Pune, women are already actively participating in self-help groups, but there is still a lack of guidance and moral and financial support.

The Schöck-Familien-Stiftung supports this project for 200 women from rural self-help groups who are selected through mobilization activities in four villages. They receive training in financial literacy, digital literacy and skill development of in-demand local products such as henna art (mehandi), ready-to-eat products (sweets, snacks and savory snacks), incense sticks (agarbathi), dairy products e.g. paneer, ghee, household products e.g. phenyl, herbal tea/spice masala powder with the aim of starting businesses with them and thus creating their own source of income.

Upon completion of all training and visits, the women will be assisted in starting individual and group businesses. The local NGO Hand in Hand India will provide support in maintaining the business registry, further development and sustainability of the businesses and will hold a formal meeting with the villagers in the presence of the concerned women to provide them with more and more business opportunities and make them financially independent.

Project executing agency :       Humanium e.V.

Project partner:                         Hand in Hand India

Funding year:                            since 2023

Project no.:                                179-23ro


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