Extension of a vocational school by four training workshops, Western Uganda

At the foot of the Rwenzori Mountains near the border with the D.R. Congo, the necessary infrastructure for quality vocational training is not available.

For many years, the region was marked by rebel attacks from nearby Congo. Schools were destroyed during the wars, and the development of a central infrastructure was hindered.

Many young people would like to do vocational and craft training as workers with craft training, show good potential to find employment or become self-employed.

The vocational secondary school “Holy Dove” already offers training in four practical trades in this region. Approval has been obtained for another four professions like electrical engineering, hairdressing, tailoring and  woodworking.


The Schöck-Familien-Stiftung supports the expansion of these new additional training workshops, as these professions could previously only be taught outdoors with insufficient equipment.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the start of the project was delayed. The reason for this was the corresponding restrictions in Uganda. The construction of the two class blocks could be completed by the end of July 2022. Subsequently, the construction of the new workshops had begun.
Although the workshops could not yet be completed as planned, there are already pre-registrations for the 2024 school year.

Word of the possibility of vocational training at Holy Dove in the four planned occupations has already spread around the school.

Project executing agency:          Rwenzori e.V. – Association for the Rural Development of the Rwenzori Region

Project partner:                           Kasese – Rwenzori United Developers Organisation (KRUDO)

Funding year:                              2022 – 2023

Project no.:                                  160-21 sa/A




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