Opening of the first health station in the village of Basadhi, Bihar, India

In order to offer the people in the village of Basadhi primary health care free of charge on a daily basis, the Schöck-Familien-Stiftung supports the organization SONNE-International in the construction and operation of a barrier-free health station in the village.

The new health station was structurally completed in June 2023 and began operations in July 2023.

The health station is now staffed daily by a qualified nurse to treat emergencies (first aid) directly. In addition, the health station is staffed by specialists in general medicine, pediatrics and gynecology on two to three days per week so that specific target groups can be examined. Pregnant women in particular can be accompanied over a longer period of time.

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Project sponsor:    SONNE International

Project partner:     Buddha Education Foundation

Funding year:        since 2022

Project no.:            174-22ro

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