Agri-Culture food Festival Colombo, Sri Lanka

As part of the project supported by the Schöck-Familien-Stiftung:

“Developing Capacity and Adding Value to Traditional and Organically Grown Rice in Sri Lanka,”

an Agri Culture Festival on traditional rice and organic agriculture was held in February 2023 in the middle of Colombo at a historic hotel.

In addition to the interested public from Colombo, farmers, artists, scientists, musicians and chefs also participated. They were all part of the event, which was enriched by their contributions.

In addition to information on traditional rice and organic farming, there were also sound and video installations, as well as dishes to taste made from traditional rice (e.g. in Japanese variation with sushi), music and poetry (recited by farmers).

In addition to the performances and impulses, it was of course also about enabling encounters and networking, e.g. where the rice can be bought.

The first solidarity agriculture initiative was also there. In the aftermath, there have already been discussions about presenting and marketing the rice together with art formats at markets.

The format is now set in Sri Lanka, to be continued!

Project sponsor:     Forschungsgesellschaft Die Agronauten e.V.

Project partner:      Lanka Organic Agriculture Movement (LOAM)

Funding year:         since 2021

Project No.:            128-21 A

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