Abolition of child labor in Rautahat, Southern Nepal

Since the beginning of 2023, the Schöck-Familen-Stiftung has been supporting the organization Our Sansar in the fight against child labor in brick factories in southern Nepal by providing tutoring for a better education.

More information about the project:

Meanwhile, the first 93 children have stopped working to go to school. There are 3 dedicated tutoring teachers and so far there have been no failures.

A representative checks the factories weekly to see if children are working there. The factory owners are now being prosecuted with the help of Justice Ventures International if children are employed there.

Encouraged by the good tutoring, parents are pushing for improved standards in public schools, regular teacher attendance, and school renovations. In the long term, the education project supported by the Schöck-Familien- Stiftung for all children in the entire district of Rautahat is to be extended to the whole of Province 2 in Nepal.

Project executing agency:      Our Sansar Limited

Funding year:                           since 2023

Project no.:                               177-23 ya



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