Creative workshop Kek – children discover art

Children and their families in particular, who live on the poverty line and with different cultural backgrounds, are usually denied access to cultural offerings and lead to social isolation. A free range of art and culture should help, at least once a week in a group course, to discover and develop your own creativity and once a month with family trips to art exhibitions or forest art paths or art in your own city to inspire your own inspiration.

Children from stressful families are placed by school social workers from the elementary schools in Rottenburg and the parents should also be involved.

The free art group courses are offered on the premises of Mokka eV in Rottenburg a.N. with a pedagogical specialist, an artist and 2 helpers to create art yourself, with a colorful mix of materials, colors, beads, wool and natural materials.

World Children’s Day

The aim of the project is to discover and promote talents, to strengthen individuality and self-esteem, to experience appreciation, and also to be able to be creative together with parents and to make positive changes, thereby experiencing a sense of belonging in the community.

Projektträger: Mobile Kinder-Kultur-Arbeit Mokka e.V.

Funding year: since 2021

Project No.: 118-20si



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