Sabine Schöck receives Staufer Medal

Founder of the “Literarisches Cafés Baden-Baden” and the Schöck-Familien-Stiftung gGmbH also otherwise active in a variety of honorary capacity

Baden-Baden (19.10.2020). Mayor Margret Mergen presented Sabine Schöck with the Staufer medal of Baden-Württemberg for her many years of diverse voluntary commitment and her services to the common good. The presentation of the award, which had already been presented by the Prime Minister in March, together with a certificate, took place only now due to Corona and at the request of the honorees in the circle of friends at Schöck AG in Steinbach.

Mayor Mergen thanked Sabine Schöck for her comprehensive work. “You have always put your heart and soul into our society,” emphasized the mayor. “Regardless of whether it is through your commitment as the founder and long-time chairwoman of the ‘Literarisches Café Baden-Baden’, as a co-founder and member of the board of trustees of the non-profit Eberhard Schöck Stiftung set up by your husband and initiator and founder of the Schöck-Familien-Stiftung, but also through other initiatives: what you tackled made sense. And you have always shown that people and good cooperation are incredibly important to you.”

About Sabine Schöck

Sabine Schöck was born in 1937 in the greater Berlin area. She is married to the entrepreneur Eberhard Schöck and has four adult children. As early as 1951, Sabine Schöck drew attention to herself with her first literary publications. After high school and attending the higher business school in Munich, she did a traineeship at the Daco publishing house Günter Bläse in Stuttgart and completed a study visit to Switzerland. In 1961 he moved to Baden-Baden and married Eberhard Schöck.

From 1962, the diversely ambitious Kurstadt native was active in the founding and development of Schöck Bauunternehmen GmbH. The whole time she accompanied her literary work. From 1988, for example, he came into contact with the former well-known SWR radio presenter Baldur Seifert, who had passed away and who regularly read poems by Sabine Schöck on his show “From 10 to 12 on Sunday”. Further publications followed. The enterprising business woman was also involved in the “Steinbach Ensemble”, where she temporarily headed the group of authors.

The “Literarische Café Baden-Baden”

But Sabine Schöck would not be herself if she had not – of her own accord – brought her own literary circle to life. In 1990, for example, she founded the “Literarische Café Baden-Baden”, a regular literature meeting where authors present their texts to an interested audience. What initially began in the fireplace room of the “Hotel Atlantic” was moved to an even more central location in 2006, in the “backdrop” of the Kurhaus.

Sabine Schöck remained chairwoman of the cultural institution until December 2018 and then handed over her position to Jutta Himstedt, a proven member of the permanent team of authors. With the Literary Café, Sabine Schöck has not only created a monument for herself, but “has also entered the regional chronicle of the Baden-Baden cultural scene”, as an editor of the Badisches Tagblatt aptly wrote in October 2018.

Co-founder and member of the board of trustees of the Eberhard Schöck Stiftung

In addition to many other activities, the Baden-Baden native is also a co-founder and member of the board of trustees of the Eberhard Schöck Stiftung and also initiated the Schöck-Familien-Sitftung gGmbH in 2012, which supports school and vocational training in India, Nepal, Africa and Germany. In addition, Sabine Schöck has volunteered over the years in a writing workshop in Bühl, in a senior citizens’ visiting service and organized support for an orphanage in the Ukraine and the boarding school of a vocational school in the Republic of Moldova.

With this diverse and long-term work and “an almost limitless enthusiasm for the respective cause”, Mayor Margret Mergen only had to say at the ceremony at the ceremony, the young at heart and multifaceted senior citizen in addition to thanks and recognition as well as the handing over of the Staufer medal for her future activities “all the best and good, but above all the best health”.

Additional Information:

After the certificate and medal were handed over, Mike Bucher, CEO of Schöck AG, and Peter Möller, Managing Director of the Eberhard Schöck Stiftung also congratulated Sabine Schöck for her diverse work, praised her enthusiasm and her ability to bring people together to achieve something to work for the common good.

The Staufer Medal of Baden-Württemberg is a special personal award of the Prime Minister. It is awarded to selected personalities who have made a special contribution to Baden-Württemberg and its people over many years. In particular, honorary, social or civic commitment is recognized. Around 50 people are honored with the Staufer Medal every year. The medal was minted and issued for the first time in 1977 on the occasion of the exhibition on the history and culture of the Staufer period and the 1977 Staufer year in Baden-Württemberg.

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