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Forest Garden Training – Seed Savers Keny a

In the demonstration center in Gilgil, Kenya, 20 participants created an approximately 800 square meter forest garden. After an introduction to the ecological basics, the participating small farmers in 6 small groups each conceived and designed a small part of the total area. In this way, they not only learned practical skills for creating forest gardens, but also the necessary specialist knowledge to spread the concept in the region as trainers.

The resulting forest garden will serve as a training facility for the Seed Savers network over the next few years. In this way, the sustainable cultivation model “Forest Garden” can be clearly explained to visitors. The Seed Savers network is currently supporting the 20 participants in creating forest gardens on their own farms.

Usually there were two participants from one community, some of whom had traveled a long way. All had a connection to the Seed Savers Network and are known as leaders in their communities, which promises good dissemination of what was learned. Permaculture trainer Jakob Terwitte planned and led the course with representatives from the Seed Savers network.

Project sponsor:        Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft

Project partners:       Seed Savers Network

Funding year:            since 2020

Project:                       104-20si


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