Better quality of education in government schools in Assam

The quality of teaching in Assam’s state schools is often poor, and so is the learning outcome. Teachers are often very poorly trained and there are hardly any decent learning materials available.

Teh Schöck-Familien-Stiftung supports Childaid Network in training teachers in modern child-centred methods, funded social workers and mobile teaching teams who organize good and cheap teaching material from local materials and explain educational games. The teachers are supported in applying the knowledge acquired in the courses more intensively in the classroom. This promotes the motivation of the teachers and significantly increases the learning success of the students.

Natural sciences and mathematics are a particularly serious problem because there is a lack of clear teaching material. Therefore, qualified mobile teams are sent to schools. They bring learning boxes that allow all students to do science experiments and learn while having fun.

The directors of the participating schools are also trained in school management, the development and implementation of systems for teaching assessment and the involvement of the school management committees. This should enable them to take responsibility for developing learning goals and improving the quality of their schools.

Project sponsor:       Stiftung Childaid Network

Project partners:     The ANT (Action Northeast Trust), Assam

Funding year:          since 2018

Project No.:              88-18ro

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