Growing together – Social integration through gardening together

Initiative for families with a refugee and migration background at the Weidenhof in Gernsbach-Staufenberg.

For years, the association Pferde bewegen Menschen e.V. has been working intensively with refugee families and would like to support them in their arrival in Germany to integrate into society, to establish a stable social network and to regain some of the joy of life.

The living situation of these families is often tense due to the stressful experiences, the uncertain prospects of staying, the cramped living conditions in the refugee accommodations, the lack of social integration and the often still lacking language skills, and is particularly stressful for families. Especially refugee families with an open residence status and without a work permit find themselves in a waiting position that often leads to futility, frustration and aggression. Many of the families have also been through highly traumatizing experiences, from which the children in particular also suffer.

The project sees itself as an intercultural meeting space and is intended to offer families with a refugee and migration background in particular a “feel-good place” where they can get in touch with people from the region through meaningful activities.

By taking into account the individual needs of the participants, self-efficacy and mutual appreciation are experienced. Through active participation in various activities such as gardening, cooking, crafts and animal care, new skills and language skills are acquired and applied. By growing vegetables, herbs and fruit according to permacultural principles, essential values in respectful interaction with nature are also conveyed.

Project sponsor:     Pferde bewegen Menschen e.V.

Funding year:         2023

Project no.:             116b-23 si


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