Construction of a new building of the SEED Kanyashram School for indigenous girls in Odisha, India

The SEED Kanyashram School in Odisha/India was founded in 1998 by the Indian NGO NYSASDRI. Here, indigenous girls of the Koya tribe could receive school education for the first time, as there was no school for indigenous girls in Malkanagir District at that time.

Meanwhile, 169 indigenous girls attend the school. It is a boarding school and the students live together on campus as their families mostly work as day laborers and live in small remote villages in the undeveloped mountains of the district.

By 2022, the school had covered grades 1-5, which were taught in the five existing classrooms. Unfortunately, only a few girls with very good final exams were subsequently able to continue their education at higher schools via a scholarship, which in turn were often far away.

In order to be able to teach girls in the higher grades as well, the Schöck- Familien-Stiftung supports this school project with the construction of a new school building so that there is enough space for the expansion of a 6th grade and later up to the 8th grade.

Construction of a new school building with three additional classrooms could start in November 2022 and should be completely finished by August 2023 at the latest.

In addition, desks and school benches are mandatory for the higher grades and a total of 40 sets, consisting of a desk and bench, were purchased for 80 students.

In April 2023, Grade VII will open for the first time for the new school year 2023/2024.

The students are currently being taught in the old hostel and TV room until the new building is completed.

Project sponsor:    Hand in Hand Global e.V.

Project partner:     NYSASDRI

Funding year:        since 2022

Project no.:            175-22ro

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