Bus for the Eliya Children’s Home in Sri Lanka

The Eliya children’s home in Tangalle is home to around 30 children and young people. Some of the girls and boys living in the home have lost one or both parents. Other children live in the home because their parents have found new spouses and abandoned their children. Families or single mothers are often unable to provide for their children adequately. Unfortunately, there are also cases where children have been physically or sexually abused. Some children are traumatized by their past and need special attention, which they receive there.

They all attend the public school, which is about an hour’s walk away. Only about 150 meters away from the children’s home, the Eliya Children’s Home Foundation has built a public kindergarten for the preschool children in the vicinity and offers attendance free of charge. On the way back from school in the morning, the school bus picks up the 20 kindergarten children and drives them to Eliya Kindergarten. At noon he brings the kindergarten children back and fetches the children from the children’s home from school.

The children’s home urgently needed a new school bus because the old bus broke down too often and the repair costs were too high, so we supported the children’s home with the financing.

Project sponsor:       Eliya Kinderheim e.V.

Project partner:        Eliya Children Home Foundation Tangalle / Sri Lanka

Funding year:            since 2019

Project No.:                91-19ro

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