Entrepreneurial skills development in farming communities in the Himalayas, India

The livelihoods of many farmers in the north of the Indian state of West Bengal are threatened by the effects of climate change and the changing conditions in the Himalayas. The project is therefore working with around 120 farmers to strengthen their economic position.

It supports them in converting to sustainable agricultural practices, offers further training on diversification or production and strengthens their market links.

To this end, the local project partner conducts various training courses, including on the topics of animal husbandry and vegetable cultivation as well as the processing of food, for example the production of dried cabbage. In addition, the project team has so far distributed around 12,000 seedlings of various vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and spinach to farmers and supports them with regular monitoring visits during cultivation.

As part of the training, participants also learn how to produce natural pest control oil and fertilizers. The local partner also pays particular attention to entrepreneurship training aimed at strengthening the participants’ production and marketing capacities.

For example, the project team provides information on the importance of marketing and how farmers can promote their products, which they sell at local markets, among other things.

Distribution of seedlings
Training fields in the Kalimpong district


Project sponsor:        Soceo gGmbH

Project partner:         Bithari Disha

Funding year:            since 2023

Project no.:                187-23 si/A

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