Permaculture Perspectives, Kehl

The permaculture garden “Fields of Gold” should not only bear fruit in the form of fruit and vegetables, but also help young people to find their way into the world of work or back to school – this has been Riverside’s Ortenau e.V. goal for around 15 years.

For reasons of space, Markus Sansa, founder of the association, had to give up the long-standing vintage car workshop. At the same time, the idea for the new project matured, which started in 2021 with his daughter Tabea and which is accessible to all participants from the Riverside projects, as well as to the young people and adults from “PerspekTIEFE”, an offer for professional orientation and also for teaching social skills.

“Get an awareness of where it’s coming from.” That’s Tabea Sansa’s number one goal with her new project. Because since April 2021 she has been trying to revive an old agricultural method with volunteer helpers and participants from Riverside Ortenau eV: Permaculture, a sustainable circular system. Only native plants are used for the project and it is farmed according to the seasons. The goal is cooperation with institutions in the vicinity, which is already going well.

Project sponsor:     Riverside Ortenau eV

Funding year:          since 2021

Project no.:              1b-21fe

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