Construction of the “Women Dhaka Weaving House” – training in traditional crafts, Kawasoti

A fabric production facility for 30 weavers is to be created in Kawasoti. The Dhaka Weaving House builds on a previous project through which the women learned to weave.

Dhaka is a traditional handcrafted fabric and is still woven on conventional looms.

The women of the Tharu and Messenger caste are among the poorest in society. Since their training as weavers, they have been very motivated to work themselves and to be able to take care of themselves.

The construction of the production house should give these women a real opportunity to provide for their children and themselves.

The project goes back to the initiative of the Videh Foundation and the Unesco Kathmandu Office. The entire village population will be there of their own accord and make their labor available.

Construction preparations Dhaka Weaving House
Dhaka production house

Jörg Griebenow from CharityClubber e.V. and co-initiator reports in April 2021:

“The project is in full swing and, to our great delight, is already developing its hoped-for social effects beyond the actual construction. With all their hope, the weavers have gained further self-confidence and founded a small women’s group. They are fully involved in the construction and seek support from the local authorities.

They took matters into their own hands to obtain funding from the community, which had been promised in principle before the project began, and were ultimately successful with the Chitwan National Park Authority.”

Project sponsor:     Charity Clubber eV .

Project partners:    Videh Foundation – Lalitpur, Nepal

Funding year:         since 2021

Project No.:            121-21 A


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