Flowers of Lakshmi primary school for girls in Bihar

Bihar is one of the poorest and most backward areas of India, the literacy rate is the lowest of all Indian states. During a long journey through India, Michael Saatkamp decided to help those in need and founded the organization “A Bowl of Compassion”. Together with his Indian friend Murari, he has already been able to set up a soup kitchen, a primary school for girls and a hostel as a source of income.

The second primary school, Flowers of Lakshmi, for girls from the poorest backgrounds, needed a waterproof roof and electricity to power the fans as it gets extremely hot in the summer months. This was made possible by the Schöck-Familien-Stiftung, also school furniture was financed.

Project sponsor:               A Bowl of Compassion eV

Project partners:              A Bowl of Compassion India

Funding year:                   2016

Project No.:                       55-16ro

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