Education Quality Initiative and Reconstruction in Bhandar, Nepal

The initiative included, among other things, the reconstruction of several destroyed schools and teacher training courses.

In the mountainous region around Bhandar, around 30 schools have been set up in recent years with the help of the Children-of-Bhandar association. Before that, no children went to school there. The schools were gradually handed over to the government, but continued to be monitored. About 100 supplementary teachers are still being paid. Now all the children are going to school there, but the quality of the teaching is still poor. As a rule, the teachers do not have a good education and modern pedagogical concepts must be given more attention. As a result of the lack of teaching methods, the children often do not pass the state final exams and then only find unskilled jobs, mostly outside the country.

The devastating earthquakes in 2015 destroyed most of the schools. The Stiftung Childaid Network developed a project in which six schools were completely rebuilt as a first step, one of which, the school in Tagam, was financed by the Schöck Family Foundation.

the school in Tagam after the earthquake

A teacher training program was also funded: Skills development through multi-grade, multi-level concepts instead of the traditional teaching system, a teaching method aimed at developing skills and creativity that was developed in southern India and is widely used there. When rebuilding the schools, the building design is based on activity-based teaching.

Project sponsor:        Stiftung Childaid Network

Project partners:       FRADS, Kathmandu

Funding period:        2016 – 2018

Project No.:                67-16ro

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