Hostel and scholarship for girls in Solukhumbu, Nepal

The project supported by the Schöck-Familien-Stiftung aims to give up to 18 girls from rural areas in Solukhumbu access to higher education.

On completion of Year 12, the path to jobs in many fields and even further education at universities or special colleges is open to them.

Due to the distance between the villages, daily visits from home are not possible. A hostel in Sallerie (capital of the district) went into operation in 2023.

Here they receive additional computer training, learn about household management and are involved in Roots for Life’s agricultural projects.

After 5 years, the hostel should be able to finance itself independently through hostel fees, income from joint activities and government funding.

To make optimum use of the space, wide bunk beds were built, each of which can sleep 4 girls
The old bedsteads were converted into communal desks with a top.


Project sponsor:      Roots for Life Association – we empower women and children

Project partner:       Social Work Institute (SWI)

Funding year:          since 2023

Project no.:              200-23 sa


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