Art studio for people with disabilities

Many people with disabilities do not have adequate access to educational opportunities that enable them to gain artistic qualifications.
AHOI studios gUG is a recognized non-profit artist collaborative committed to inclusion in the arts.
They are committed to equal and barrier-free access to education, which also enables participation in the art market.

Florian Musolff, “Could have, would have, would have – The picture in which you see everything”

People who are artistically very talented and impaired can apply for the open studio community. In collaboration with professional artists, they develop their individual artistic skills and visual language. The development of personal and artistic potential goes hand in hand.

Marie Jo Seemann

This project, which is supported by the Schöck-Familien-Stiftung, gives participants the opportunity to present their work and interact with the public.
In this way, access to the profession of artist can be realized in the long term.

Project sponsor:     AHOI studios gUG

Funding year:         since 2023

Project no.:             196-23 si

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