NYUMBA KUMI – Education for children in Uganda at and after times of the pandemic

Since the closure of all schools in Uganda in March 2020 due to the pandemic, numerous children have been deprived of an existential livelihood with the shelter and educational space of school. This state of affairs has since favored precarious living situations such as sexual exploitation, domestic violence, forced marriage and teenage pregnancies.

Bugiri district and Busia municipality in Uganda, close to the border with Kenya, are the hardest hit. Many people there live in extreme poverty and school fees are lacking. Due to the growing family economic hardship caused by the unemployment of their guardians, children are forced to work in the mines to contribute to the family income.

The Schöck-Familien-Stiftung supports this educational project so that these children and young people, especially those who are excluded from the school system in Uganda such as pregnant women, young mothers and children with impairments, can be encouraged and learn without stigmatization.

Teachers are trained to accompany these small groups and create appropriate educational materials and ensure that the children/youth can come to school.

Participants receive teaching materials adapted to their level of education and work on them both individually and in groups.

In addition, workshops are held on the topic of child labor in order to carry out prevention work and on childcare and parenthood, since some of the girls are already mothers.

In addition, the topic of health, including sexual and reproductive health, family planning is also covered.

This pioneering project in rural areas counteracts both the effects of the pandemic and the unfair distribution of educational opportunities and creates a needs-oriented learning and living environment for children.

In addition, all community members and parents are also involved and trained in child protection and livelihood skills.

Project executing agency:       Somero e.V.

Project partner:                         Somero Uganda, Kampala

Funding year:                            2022 – 2023

Project no.:                                166-22 G

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