Integration of young people into the training/job market (IMA)

IMA is a professional training measure within the educational services department of the Caritas association for the district of Rastatt eV
As an approved further training measure, IMA is carried out by the Caritas Association in the area of professional qualification for the job center in Rastatt. The Caritas association offers various training courses and projects and is active in advising. In addition, it is possible to catch up on the secondary school leaving certificate here.

For years, the Schöck-Familien-Stiftung specifically supported the area in which young people can catch up on their school-leaving qualifications.

Integration of young people into the training/job market (IMA)


  • Promotion of the training maturity
  • obtaining an educational qualification
  • Better chances of an apprenticeship or a job
  • elimination of learning barriers
  • Individual support through socio-educational support
  • Effective learning environment through pedagogical supervision
  • Realistic consideration through self-assessment and external assessment
  • Final placement efforts in an apprenticeship

target group

  • People who receive benefits under SGB II
  • Persons with an education voucher
  • Persons with single or multiple placement obstacles:
  • • missing/little knowledge of German
    • no existing secondary school certificate

action structure

  • full time
  • group size max. 10 participants
  • Qualification mainly in the commercial area
  • Placement test for language skills and test for training maturity
  • German for work and practical work
  • Lessons in German, mathematics, economics, politics, media skills
  • pedagogical and socio-pedagogical all-round support to solve specific problems
  • Intermediate tests and regular evaluation of the work
  • Application training and mediation assistance
  • Duration: 12 months


Follow-up care includes the support of participants who have been placed in an apprenticeship. It serves as a point of contact for the trainees and the companies concerned in the event of potential problems.

Follow-up care is used by trainees to clarify problems that arise in the company, at vocational school or in the private sphere. When advising companies, the focus is on avoiding dropping out of training.

Graduated from school successfully

In the past, nine IMA participants have already taken the foreign school examination (the secondary school leaving certificate). In some cases, they were prepared for almost a year and had to take their written and oral exams in German, math and politics/economics. They also had to write a thesis and prepare a presentation for it.

The effort was worth it for the participants. Despite some lows during the intensive preparation period, everyone passed the exams successfully. Some of you started an apprenticeship in the same year.

Sponsors:                         Caritasverband für den Landkreis Rastatt e.V.

Funding year:                  2014 – 2020

Project no.:                      19-14 fe

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