Innovative ideas to improve organic farming systems for small farmers in North Sri Lanka

The unprecedented rate of urbanization over the past decade in the post-war North Province of Sri Lanka has led to disruptive ecosystem changes. The policy of modernizing agriculture and the emerging industrialization trend, including heavy use of agrochemicals, have had a very negative impact on agriculture. The northern province faces a high risk of extreme and unpredictable weather events. The organic sector in North and East Sri Lanka is small but growing. Most of the organic vegetables are produced by home gardens and small farms. The points outlined above are the limiting factors to promote organic farming growth and establish community resilience.

The establishment of the organization “NEOrganics” created a training center and food lab for small farmers in Jaffna as a place to exchange innovative ideas to improve organic farming systems and improve knowledge in the areas of marketing and organic farming to produce and market products more effectively.

Among the organic farmers there are a particularly large number of women who lost their husbands after the civil war and can thus improve the main source of income for their household.


Project sponsor :      Comduit Germany eV

Project partner:       SUVADI guarantee limited, Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Funding year :         since 2021

Project No.:              132-21 A


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