Improving basic education in Baiteshwor, Nepal

This new project, supported by the Schöck-Familien- Stiftung, aims to provide holistic, high-quality and early support for children. As part of this, six Early Childhood Development (ECD) centers in Baiteshwor in the Dolakha district are being supported.

The project is based on two main pillars: the teachers at the ECD centres and the parents of the children who attend these centers. These two groups are crucial for a sustainable improvement in the quality of education, as the current teaching methods are outdated and not suitable for children. In addition, parents have so far lacked awareness of the importance of good education and child-friendly upbringing, which is why they are only marginally involved in school support.

Teachers receive intensive support and training to enable them to apply high-quality, child-friendly teaching and learning methods in the long term. In addition, the child-friendly equipment in the ECD centres creates the ideal learning environment. Teachers are trained in three consecutive training phases. In addition, they are continuously accompanied and supported by field staff. This facilitates the transition of lessons and helps teachers to apply and internalize the knowledge acquired in the training sessions in the classroom. The trained teachers can draw on the skills they have learned for the rest of their lives and thus continue to support their pupils in a child-friendly way in the future.

Parents are sensitized and motivated to accompany their children in their learning process, spend time with them and strengthen their relationship through home visits by project staff and in parent education courses. This enables parents to work together with the teachers and play an active role in supporting their children at school. This has a lasting positive impact on the children’s well-being, their school career and their overall development.

In order to permanently anchor early childhood development in local policy, the local government is also being made aware of its importance and strengthened. The six schools serve as role models and can help to promote child-centered pedagogy in the region even after the project ends.

Teacher training
School centre in Baiteshwor, Dolakha District

Project sponsor:       Stiftung Childaid Network

Project partner:        Rato Bangala Foundation (RBF), Nepal

Funding year:           since 2024

Project no.:               2024-005

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