Social Agripreneurship in Assam and Meghalaya, India

Village communities in north-eastern India often suffer from financial insecurity and a lack of education, health and infrastructure.

The Childaid Network Foundation and local partners have established the “Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub” in Assam, where young people from the region can develop entrepreneurial skills.

One result of this is the SPREAD NE project supported by the Schöck-Familien-Stiftung, which aims to support farming families by teaching them how to better process, transport and market their agricultural produce.

This should enable them to achieve a more stable income. Young people are trained as “social agripreneurs” to secure the livelihoods of small farmers.

In the three model villages, the farmers have already been able to sustainably improve their income with the Micro Farm Entrepreneurs and Social Agripreneurs by producing and selling locally manufactured products such as herbal tea, brooms, turmeric, natural dyes and food.

This has encouraged everyone involved to continue with the expansion and further innovative ideas. The plans for the future include accompanying more households to achieve a stable monthly income, as well as investing in food production, agrotourism and local markets.

Village square for group meetings
Loom of the village community


Project sponsor:         Stiftung Childaid Network

Project partner:         Society for Promotion of Rural Economy & Agricultural Deveoplment, North East (SPREAD-NE)

Funding year:            since 2023

Project no.:                198-23 ro/G

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