Helping Muslim girls in India achieve greater self-determination with educational programs

Bihar is one of India’s poorer states. In the district of Patna, the female literacy rate is even below 40 per cent, which is why the women-led organisation LOK MADHYAM is stepping up its efforts to promote girls’ education and self-determination, especially in communities with a high Muslim population.

The program includes advocacy work with families, holistic education for girls and awareness-raising campaigns on topics such as early marriage and migration.

By involving the village community and promoting education and skills, the aim is to bring about long-term changes for the benefit of the girls and young women. The aim is to change awareness in the community in order to give girls’ education a higher priority and to combat negative practices such as early marriage.

The educational program for girls is holistic. It includes school preparation, technical and artistic training, workshops on nutrition, hygiene and health as well as the development of skills for greater self-determination. In girls’ groups, adolescents have the opportunity to talk about their problems and their goals. For younger women, there are also opportunities to earn their own income and for further vocational training.

LOK MADHYAM also raises awareness of the risks of migration and supports the girls in leading a self-determined life.

Overall, the program takes a comprehensive approach to overcoming structural and cultural barriers and promoting equal opportunities for girls and women in Bihar.



Project sponsor :     Aktionsgemeinschaft Solidarische Welt e.V.

Project partner:      LOK MADHYAM

Funding year:         since 2023

Project no.:             194-23 G, 2024-001

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