Community-based rehabilitation of children with disabilities to improve health and social status, Andhra Pradesh, South India

Children with disabilities are considered a curse in many Indian societies and are therefore severely neglected. They experience social discrimination and have little access to care, medical care or support, which exacerbates their disabilities and leads to inferiority complexes and depression.

The project aims to provide community-based rehabilitation and basic care for children with cerebral palsy and intellectual disabilities, and also includes visually impaired and mildly disabled children.

The training center was set up in the easily accessible orphanage of the local project partner in the village of Pichatur. Here, parents receive medical advice and support services under one roof.

Regular information events and medical care are offered. Physiotherapists, orthopaedic technicians, medical staff and doctors come for regular health check-ups from the public “Primary Health Center”.

Transportation for the children will be organized if required. Wheelchairs and bicycles on 3 wheels were made available to the children at the end of 2023, which means a considerable degree of independence and quality of life for them.

Therapeutic play units in the training center
Special “tribikes” provide mobility

Project sponsor:          Indienhilfe Trippstadt NALAM e.V.

Project partner:           Nehru Yuvajana Seva Sangham

Funding year:              since 2022

Project no.:                  172-22ro


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