Model farm with certified organic vegetables for women in Kunikhop, Northeast Nepal

The aim of this community project is to enable the women of the village to shape their own lives.

Malnutrition is a problem, especially in children, with consequences for health and learning ability. Due to the climatic conditions and a lack of knowledge, however, people have not been able to produce enough to feed themselves healthily.

First and foremost is self-sufficiency with a variety of vegetables. In addition to personal use, the products should also be marketed in order to generate income. By setting up a model farm with model fields and greenhouses, the women can try out new types of vegetables and develop and market products together. They can then apply their knowledge on their own fields. The certification of the model farm should prevent chemical fertilizers from reaching the villages and the vegetables can also be sold at better prices.

Roots for Life started this initiative in the village of Kunikhop at about 3,000 meters near Mount Everest in April 2021 together with 25 women. At the end of 2021, 56 women were already registered as members of the existing cooperative (Sagarmatha Milijuli Sana Kishan Women Cooperative).

Land has already been bought, the fields for the model farm have been laid out and the first greenhouse is in place. The women enthusiastically take part in the training and start implementing it in their own area.

Project sponsor:          Roots for Life

Project partners:         Social Work Institute, Hasera agriculture research and training center

Funding year:              since 2021

Project No.:                 125-21 A


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