In Myanmar, tutoring classes for street children are back in operation

In the public schools in Myanmar, there are too few teachers per class, which contributes to the fact that many students in a public school cannot follow the subject matter. Due to the current political situation, it is not to be hoped that the education system in Myanmar will improve in the medium term. In Myanmar, it is the rule that the children need additional tutoring in order to be able to successfully complete school. Without additional tutoring, the students cannot pass the exams, which is why the school drop-out rate is very high in Myanmar. Private tutors cost a lot of money, which poor families from the slum region don’t have. The school drop-out rate among children from poorer backgrounds is significantly higher than the average.

The aid organization SONNE-International has been a project partner of the Schöck-Famiien- Stiftung for several years and has been supporting street children and marginalized young people in Myanmar with extensive support programs since 2008. In August 2020, the organization started a new project with the support of the Schöck-Familien-Stiftung to help children from the slum region with learning difficulties. Now free tutoring for these children is offered in three day care centers. This project has been very popular since the beginning and the offer was accepted to the last place.

Tutoring for street children

Unfortunately, classes had to be temporarily interrupted several times due to the pandemic and the political situation. Fortunately, however, the regular implementation of this project could be resumed at the beginning of February 2022 and children from the slum region can again attend free private tuition in the three SONNE day care centers. Children in particular are the main drivers of the pandemic, because it was not possible for them to get continuous education. This project is therefore more necessary than ever, because only through education can children free themselves from the poverty trap and lead a life in dignity.

Promoter:             SONNE International

Project partner:  SONNE Social Organization (SSO)

Funding year:     since 2018

Project no.:          80-18b ro


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