Education project for children from the Mumbai slums, India

The Schöck-Familien-Stiftung, together with the city of Stuttgart, which has a city partnership with Mumbai, supports an educational program for children from the slums in Mumbai.

The previously disadvantaged children from the slums are now being thrown back even further by the school closures caused by the pandemic, and the conditions for homeschooling are not given there.

The program includes teaching in several learning groups at different locations until the children go back to school or catch up again. In addition, around 250 children are to be provided with teaching materials.

The project will also be expanded from October 2021 for the further training of employees of the Mumbai health administration.

One of the dominant issues in healthcare delivery and planning in Mumbai right now is the need to align responses to the needs of the neighborhoods during and after the COVID phase and to protect the Community Health Workers (CHWS) employed by the Mumbai Health Administration. They are the main actors in the implementation of primary health care: they play an important role in activating the population to take care of their health; they should also offer basic health care at district level.

Project sponsor:           City of Stuttgart

Project partners:          Don Bosco Development Society and Red Dot Foundation, Mumbai

Funding year:               since 2021

Project No.:                  141-21G, 141B-21G

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