Asha Bari – Calcutta Home of Hope

This project was founded by Joseph Das, who previously worked with Mother Teresa in the Kalighat Death House for many years. The home is approximately 27 km from Kolkata in a rural area. It provides a home for those most in need, especially people with intellectual disabilities and the seriously ill. Joseph Das picked them up on the streets of Kolkata in a precariously hygienic condition and gives them a new home, care and above all dignity. He, his wife (an Indian nurse) and his helpers take care of these poorest of the poor.

If they have been nursed back to health and still have family members, they will return to their families if they wish. Everyone else will find a forever home there. Many of the patients are bedridden. When they have recovered, they help each other with showering, doing laundry and cleaning the house.

For years he and three doctors have been running an outdoor clinic in the inner courtyard every Saturday, where around 500 needy people from the surrounding villages are examined and given medical care.

Calcutta Home of Hope

Joseph Das has a few cows that guarantee the milk supply, a pig farm, a large fish pond and also grows rice. Everywhere his patients help as far as possible.

Life in the home is very poor, there is no money for food and medical care everywhere.

Project partner:        Calcuta Home of Hope

Funding year :          since 2016

Project No.:               50-16sa

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