Orphan boys in Kolkata are given a decent life

Andreas Wimmer has made it his life’s work to give orphaned street urchins a home.

More than 20 years ago he traveled from Munich to Kolkata, where he first worked in the death house of Mother Teresa. In 2003, a dying child was taken in there. After being nursed back to health by Mother Teresa’s sisters, it should have been back on the streets.

That was the moment Andy Wimmer decided to take care of the orphaned child like a father. He has now taken in 10 boys from the streets and garbage dumps around Kolkata and lives with them in his modest Kolkata apartment. These young people will probably not be able to enter a normal professional life. But Andy Wimmer offers them a home, schooling, and training them in simple homework that can earn them a small income.

The Schöck-Familien-Stiftung has been supporting him for several years in order to guarantee the rent for his apartment and the livelihood of the small group. We want to help him in the future to continue his self-sacrificing task. After they have lived together in precarious living conditions for 18 years, Mr. Wimmer has finally found a suitable house that is suitable for the disabled, which he was able to buy in January 2022 thanks to our financing. There’s even a garden with fruit trees and enough space to accommodate even more boys.

Project partner:      ASHAAR AALO

Funding year :        since 2016

Project no.:             43-16sa

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