Tibetan Medical School in Darjeeling

The educational facility Chagpori originates from the former medical university in Lhasa and is located about 27 km from Darjeeling city. The main focus is on maintaining and developing the science of traditional Tibetan medicine, which has been officially recognized as an independent medical system in India as the “Sowa Rigpa” medical system since 2010.

Admission criteria for students: Prerequisites are 12 school years with a degree and an entrance exam. The students often come from the most distant Himalayan regions and are usually without any means. You will complete a five-year theoretical training followed by a one-year practical training. Most students get the education, board and lodging free of charge.

The Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute has 3 pillars:

  • training institute
  • Pharmacy department: Various medicinal plants are stored here, processed into medicines and used in the outpatient clinics. Furthermore, medicinal herbal products are offered for sale.
  • Treatment outpatient clinics: 5 outpatient clinics are currently being operated. The institute also offers free medical camps as well as mobile camps in different regions so that the population has access to medical care in this form.

The Schöck-Familien-Stiftung has supported the institute since 2015 and finances, among other things, the grants of several medical students, teachers’ salaries, special courses and medicinal plant excursions.

Project sponsor:       Chagpori – Association for Tibetan Medicine eV

Funding year :          since 2015

Project no.:               48-15si

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