Community seed banks and school gardens

In northern India, ten non-GMO “gardens of hope” have been created, as well as “edible” school gardens.

Committed people were trained in block classes for the global GMO-free seed movement. During at least four school trips, the students receive practical instruction on living seeds and food. Funding was provided for the creation of educational materials, the website, and the global seed liberation campaign.

The Indian physicist Vandana Shiva has won the Alternative Nobel Prize and the Bavarian Nature Conservation Prize. Since the 1970s, she has been campaigning for the preservation of seed diversity and against the exploitation and displacement of smallholders by agro and genetic engineering companies.

The seed project supported and works closely with the school garden project, providing the infrastructure for it and increasing its effectiveness.

Project partner:      Navdanya

Funding year:          2013 – 2014

Project No.:              10-13 and 11-13se/an

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